Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Dreamlines... Never Safe Again

This is the dream I had this morning. For once, I didn't dream of anyone I knew. But, I did dream of a fictional character from my Freaky Friday Fictions.

October 30
Never Safe Again

I was working with scientists on something important. It involved physics and landmass. We had several levels of a high rise building. I walked upstairs to the Important Room. Inside are three dimensional area maps with equations written all over them. These are the important equations. While I am there, I look out the windows and feel that the room is too exposed. Even though we are higher that all of the other buildings and that does afford some privacy, I start closing all of the shades, darkening the room.

While I am doing this, The Family, a terrorist organization made up of Mom, Dad, Son, and Grandma storm the place. I flee, running down the emergency stairs. I know they are after me. I have the secret they want. The emergency stairs become the wooden stairs of a home and I burst out the door into a suburban neighborhood.

I run over to the next house, calling out for help. I go into a house that is unlocked, still calling for help while the "observer me" is wondering what it would be like to run into a stranger's house and beg for help. There are a trio of old women and the one that seems most put together is yelling for me to get out. Threatening to call the cops. I tell her to do that and leave out the other door.

When I exist, Officer Dean (from one of my Freaky Friday Fictions) is there. I tell him that The Family is coming for me. He calls for back up and tells me he'll protect me. I don't believe him and run on.

Running down the street, I am ambushed by the Son (he's about 10) and I wrestle the gun away from him and run on. It is a .38 revolver. There is shooting from behind me. I turn around and shoot, hitting the Mother. I don't stop. I am still running. I know I'm running for my life. There is more gunfire and I heard kids yell "Shit, there's the Grandma! She's coming after her!" I turn, running backwards now and shoot, gunning her down.

I turn back and I'm an all out sprint. The Son is still alive and I don't know where the Dad is. I make a quick turn and duck into someone's yard. I can see and hear into their living room. The TV is on and the news is on. The news is about me.

[News Report: A woman is breathlessly telling the viewers, "Jennifer barely gets away from The Family and we have it on tape." They play a home video tape of me being chased, shot at and me shooting my pursuers.]

I can hear the Son running and yelling, searching for me. He is yelling that he is in love with me and promises not to hurt me. I turn back to the TV and now Officer Dean is on it.

[Officer Dean: "We are seeking Jennifer now. She is very important to all of us. There is a reward for anyone who can bring her back to the Police station safe and sound.]

I look down at the .38 in my hand and see that it is empty. Not willing to throw it away, I tuck into the back of my jeans. I look where I am. I have two choices. I can follow the train tracks which will lead me right back to where I began or I can head out towards the unknown part of town. I look back at the TV and know that I will never be safe again. Not until the Son and Dad are dead. I turn and start walking towards the unknown.

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