Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Here's one for the WTF? files.

I walk into Café 31 with sadiecabaret and, as we are looking a place to sit, I hear, "Hello, Jennifer."

I look to see who it is and it takes me a moment (mostly because my mind doesn't want to believe it) to figure out who it is - someone I went to college with fourteen (yes, those are double digits) years ago. A guy named Jason. He was in ROTC with me and I briefly dated his roommate. I knew he worked at MS and has worked here for something like a decade now. He looked very much the same but older and slightly heavier.

To tell you the truth, it was an awkward conversation. Diane even mentioned that it seem awkward. He and I weren't close. After I moved up to Seattle, I emailed everyone from college who was here. He never emailed me back. I let it drop. He and Robert (a long term dating partner, now married) are really good friends. So, I have semi-sort kept up on his life through Robert when he and I aren't in a years long hiatus from emailing each other.

I spent the rest of lunch vaguely distracted and weirded out. I'm still processing the thoughts this little meeting has evoked.

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