Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Stupid Writers

I'm done apologizing for my mistakes to my past editors. I made some dumb ones but never this bad. I never sent a non-genre, non-theme story that was below the minimum word count and submitted improperly.

This morning, I had had enough with one spam writer who first spammed me as an illustrator (I don't accept drawings and I don't have a submission process for artists) and then spammed me with a 1300 word story (min word count is 2000), submitted as "surreal short story sub" instead of having the TEoP Submission: "Your Story Name" in the subject and was nowhere on theme or genre for The Edge of Propinquity.

For the first time, I didn't let such a thing slide. I immediately sent back the "Not on theme" form rejection with an Editor's note: "Ed. note - please read these guidelines carefully. You did not submit your work properly nor does it meet the minimum word requirements."

My guess is they won't care and will just move on. Bah. I read 5 stories a week. I'm receiving 4-6 stories a week. Yes, I'm always going to be behind. I don't need crap like that.

Also, as a complete aside to the above rant, it occurred to me as I was rejecting a well written but clearly pornography horror story* last week that some authors may actually send inappropriate smut to Calls for Submissions just to get off on the idea that someone, other than them, had to read their work and make a call on it. Every rejection gets them off. You know? My mind is noodling over a short story concept around this idea.

*I asked to see something not so adult. Yes, we have adult themes but this was a bit much and I do write erotica.

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