Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

New twist on an old dream...

I had my "starving hamsters" dream again last night. However, this time, I had a friend help me clean them up and give them away. I don't remember who the friend was but he was male. There was one hamster left and he was a slippery bugger but beautiful with a silver gray coat. I was holding him and my foster cat, Galadriel, went all feral and attacked him. I got the hamster away from her and it wasn't really hurt. But, I remember looking at the hamster and thinking about letting it go so that the cat could 'take care of it' once and for all. I was still debating this when I woke up.

Seems my mind has decided that whatever I have forgotten, I have done almost all of the necessary clean up for it. Now, I just have one shiny thing to decide what to do with. Interesting. I wish I knew what it was about.

In other news, I really have got to get a hot stone massage. I don't think I've gotten more than one since I've started this contract almost 6 months ago and my body can tell. Two days ago, I turned my head and got that shooting pain up the side of my neck and head that just kills. This morning, I woke up and an old waitressing injury (not nearly as glamorous as it sounds) was flaring up. It has something to do with muscles under my left shoulder blade swelling and pinching a nerve there. I think I'll call and see if I can't schedule one for by the end of the week.
Tags: dreams

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