Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

I've become that grumpy old woman...

Oh, now I'm annoyed. There is yet another high school event where the kids are out selling things that will count as votes for a prize. My downstairs neighbor's cousin just came up and knocked on my door. When I answered, he started with his spiel, a roll of tickets in hand.

Him: *spiel* "Vote for me by buying tickets. They're only $1 each." *pause* "No other ugly looking kids have come knocking have they?"

Me: "Yes. They have."

Him: "You didn't vote for them, did you?"

Me: *pause - do I want give him my own spiel on my current charitable contributions. No.* "No. I'm not voting for anyone. But, good luck."

Him: "What? You don't like seeing kids do positive stuff?"

Me: *pause - now offended* "I don't like kids giving me guilt trips. It is not appreciated. Thank you."

Then, I turned around and walked back inside my house. He was the fourth kid to come knocking. I'm just going to stop answering my door. I hate-hate-hate guilt trips. Especially when they come from strangers to me about me not giving them money.

Dammit. When did I become a grumpy old person?

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