Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

TEoP Slushpile Scorecard

  • 25 total submissions

  • 10 total submissions read
  • 06 total immediate rejections (Including the devil at the end of time story)
  • 03 total submissions kept for rereads (maybe reactions)
  • 01 immediate "Yes!" reaction. (Turned out to come from a Grants Pass author. Figures. Good authors continue to write well.)

  • 15 submissions to go.

    Oh, and after emailing with the author who queried, I told her that her story did not fit the theme of TEoP and that I specifically stated "no alternate dimension" stories.

    Her response? Thank you for getting right back to me! I hadn't thought of it as an alternate dimension story, but I suppose it is. (She enters it through a tree, btw; and honestly, I had never categorized it rather than as fantasy.) Now I've got the synopsis for my SF/fantasy bibliography anyway. Thanks!


    *looks at my guidelines again*

    I'm beginning to get very grumpy about this slushpile business. Thank goodness I got a great story that was interesting, on theme and on genre.
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