Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Random Act of Kindness AKA Making MY Head Explode

Jenn/Me: Got time to chat or at least listen to me squee?
Heather: hee, sure
Jenn/Me: Remember that guy from yesterday? The one I gave my coffee to? Guess who was waiting down in the cafe for me?
Heather: hee
Heather: nice
Heather: so?
Jenn/Me: His name is Scott. He's from Arizona. Here on business. Apparently he had been waiting for 15-20 minutes, figuring that most people get their coffee at the same time each morning...
Heather: aww
Heather: cute!
Jenn/Me: He wanted to buy me coffee this morning but it 'wasn't like I gave him my name or anything.' So, he had to guess.
Heather: so did he buy you coffee?
Jenn/Me: Yes.
Heather: heh
Heather: nice
Heather: too bad he doesn't live up there
Jenn/Me: We chatted in line and I asked when he was returning to AZ. "This afternoon. Otherwise, I'd suggest we meet up for dinner."
Heather: awww
Jenn/Me: *head explodie*
Heather: :(
Jenn/Me: Yeah. But, it was really cute.
Heather: did you trade email addresses?
Jenn/Me: No. I think we thought about it but after we got our coffee, there was this cute, awkward pause then a round of thanking each other for coffee and him thanking me for making him smile yesterday.
Heather: awwww
Jenn/Me: And that was that.
Heather: still, cute
Jenn/Me: So, I sorta almost got asked out on a date!
Heather: hee
Heather: go you
Jenn/Me: Go me!
Heather: keep being randomly nice
Jenn/Me: Oh, you know I will.

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