Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Messing with the Masses AKA Random Acts of Kindness

It's Monday. I worked yesterday but that hasn't stopped it from being a Monday this morning. So, I was looking for something to cheer me up. My opportunity presented itself to me on the way back from getting my coffee.

I walked through the underground garage to the elevator. There was another guy in "business casual khakis' standing there. We had the following conversation getting on and going up the elevator to the same floor.

Me: *holding my coffee with two hands*
Him: That looks good.
Me: I'm sure it will be.
Him: You should give it to me. [He was clearly joking.]
Me: Why? [I grinned at him.]
Him: Because... I'm asking...? And I want it? [Suddenly unsure.]
Me: What's the magic word? [Still grinning.]
Him: Please? [Emboldened] Please, may I have your coffee? [Certain I was going to say no.]
Me: Sure. [I handed it to him.] It's a white chocolate mocha.
Him: [Stunned. Walks out of the elevator.] Um. Thank you!
Me: Have a good day! [Pressing the elevator down button]
Him: Wait! Where you going?
Me: Back for more. I still want my morning coffee!

I waved at him as he stood there, flabbergasted, and the elevator doors shut. I joked with the barista about being a 'heavy drinker' and giggled all the way back to my office. I don't even know if that guy works in this building or not. I had not seen him before but I'm sure he's going to remember me for a long time to come. It's cool watching people's heads explode at random acts of kindness

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