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I'm working on the final December story for Kendrick and it is a tough one. It is slow going. There are five parts to the story (hope, dire, war, sacrifice, epilogue) and I just finished the splat for the second part. This is where things are really dire for our heroine. Really dire.

Trapped inside her unmoving body and soundless voice, Karen screamed in pain. This whole thing had not been real until that first slash to the arm. The pain made it real. It pulled her back from the intellectual escapism she had retreated to. She rolled her eyes, tears spilling from them as she tried to catch the eyes of someone else, anyone else. She could not do it. No one would meet her gaze. They were looking at each other with clear discomfort but no one was going to step forward to stop this madness. They were all going to watch while she was ritualistically murdered.

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