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The Edge of Propinquity Call for Submissions

The Edge of Propinquity Call for Submissions

As of January 2007, the Edge of Propinquity will host one guest author every month.

The Edge of Propinquity is a paying market: $50/per story. This flat rate fee is payable through Paypal within 7 days of the story's publication.

The theme for the first year of the Edge of Propinquity was "Revelations." The theme for the second year is "Consequences." The theme "Consequences" should be considered to encompass and expand on the previous "Revelations" theme.

In order to be accepted for publication, stories must fit the webzine's themes - A modern day story focusing on a character deep within the hidden world that surrounds mundane society. The protagonist must deal with the consequences of her actions/reactions (and those of others) within that supernatural society. Alternately, stories can focus on a mundane protagonist suddenly and unexpectedly discovering the hidden world. It could kill her. It might not. That is your choice.

The hidden world does not have to be supernatural. It could be conspiracy based. No far future, medieval or alternate dimension stories, please.

1. Your story must be an original, unpublished 2000 - 6000 word, stand-alone short story not based in any of the other Edge of Propinquity story worlds.

2. Send submissions to with the subject line "TEoP SUBMISSION: [Title Name]".

3. All submissions must be sent in plain text in the body of the email. Emails with attachments will be deleted without being read. If your story requires specific formatting, use standard plain text formatting techniques.

4. If your story is selected, you will need to provide a 100x100 pixel black and white headshot as well as a 100-150 word biography to be published with your story. Please see the Guest Quarters section of the site for examples.

By submitting your short fiction to the Edge of Propinquity, you are agreeing to the following usage and terms for your story.

1. Exlusive first digital publication rights for a period of one month, and non-exclusive digital publication rights through the end of 2008. The story will be linked from the Edge of Propinquity front page for one month. After that month, you may submit your story to any other market so long as you inform the editor/publisher of the story's prior publication in the Edge of Propinquity.

a. During and after the month your story appears on the front page, it will be located in the Guest Quarters section of the Edge of Propinquity website until January 1, 2008.

b. After January 1, 2008, all guest author stories will be archived in the Edge of Propinquity: Consequences archive for one year (2008).

2. Non-exclusive print publication rights. Our goal is to publish a hard copy anthology of the Edge of Propinquity. As such, authors must agree to give non-exclusive print publication rights to the Edge of Propinquity. If, on submitting your story to another publisher you enter into an agreement that requires exclusive print publication rights, it is your responsibility to contact the editor of the Edge of Propinquity ( immediately. If the Edge of Propinquity becomes a hard copy anthology, all guest author stories will be included and the author will receive one complimentary contributor copy of the anthology.

3. You retain copyright to the work.


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