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I arrived promptly at the house of Diane and Mike and met Mike in the driveway. He greeted me and said, "You've done something different with your hair. I like it." Yes, he's a keeper. After ogling the house's new furnishings and greeting the feline residents willing to be greeted, we split up into numerous cars and headed out.

I will admit there was some excitement on the way there but being used to driving in California, the whole thing mad me giggle while Mike and I made bets on whether or not Diane was going to yell at him for it. (She didn't.) Parking for the event was also interesting in the Chinese sense but with the help of a cell phone and quick directions, we found our way and parked with, get this, 7 minutes to spare. Yes, it was a hike to get to the Paramount. We barely got in on time. Half of our group had to wait until the first song was done. But, in the end we were all together to enjoy the show.

Wicked! Wow. I was entranced and hooked from the first song. It made me realize just how much I enjoy live performances. Also, how much I miss them. I don't get to them often enough. The stage setting was spectacular and the acting was wonderful. The women playing Glinda (the 'Good') and Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) had the most amazing voices. Elphaba had a solo called "I'm Not that Girl" that struck a chord in me that almost made me cry. It is subject for another day. That's for sure. The whole show was wonderful. I would be willing to go again but hopefully with closer seats.

After Wicked! We survived the herd of people out of the theater for a leisurely walk to the Icon Grill. I flirted with random men on the street with my eyes on the way there. It's amazing how a bold gaze and an impish smile will stop a guy in mid-stride, mid-sentence, mid-lighting of a cigarette, to return the gaze with a wondering smile. I enjoyed my walk, I did.

The food at the Icon Grill was excellent. As a large party with reservations, we got a private room and that was worth a lot. It was much quieter upstairs and we could hear everyone at the table. The food was served in very large portions but was so tasty! We even snuck away with recipes for the meatloaf and their heavenly macaroni and cheese. I am so going to make this for me and my friends! The deserts were amazing (and again, huge). We ended up taking a lot of food home with us. This is definitely a restaurant I want to go to again.

As soon as we got back to Diane and Mike's, I opted to take off and go home. I am one tired person and I have stuff to do tomorrow before Phoebe and Robert's wedding. Which, I am off to do right night. Ta!

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