Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Some of you really are evil!

baronlaw - Not into humiliation, sorry.
cooperati - Not very motivating. I want to be able to hike.
jw1776 - Oh, that is wicked. But, after some thought, I don't want to do that to the kids.
bunyip - That's just silly. Let's stay in the realm of feasible and nothing that involves the word "bikini" is feasible.
deirdremoon - Oh, my. I think we have a winner or part of one.
shaharazad - Don't know enough about it to be scared.
almus - Money is too easy for me. It's not motivating.
bluewingedcat - Intriguing but I'm trying to figure out what genre I hate. I guess 'classic romance.'
nikitalynn - That would punish those who like to see a woman in a corset, too. ;p
therobbergirl - Interesting but I will need a new set of bets for DDC.

I have chosen. If I do not make my weight loss goal, I will do the follow:

1. I will give away all of my BPAL collection - imps and 5ml bottles.

2. I will learn to crotchet. Either Willow or my roomie will teach me. Then, I will produce at least two potholders by the end of 2006.

Re: #1 - I am a BPAL addict. I have an extensive 5ml bottle and imp collection. I would be heartbroken to lose them. This would be a big sacrifice for me.

Re: #2 - I really am not that sort of crafty person. But, I promise to learn without killing my teacher and without booting my roommate from the condo. :)

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