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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Rest of the Vacation - as promised. Me just having a mighty fine time.

September 10
The Rest of the Vacation

I arrived home without my traveling ring, with two more Heather paintings and a boatload of good memories. This was a wonderful vacation. I'm not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. But, I gotta pay the bills.

I traveled down to the Bay Area with a companion for the first time. Gideon turned out to be a very good traveling companion even if it did lengthen the trip by a good hour. When we parted ways in Mountain View, my Traveling Ring from Kai went with him. The Ring had been having 'itchy feet' lately and it seems that it is destined to travel with Gideon for a while. I'll probably get it back in November when he returns to Seattle from the Bay Area.

After the convention, I stayed with GregE and David. It is a pretty good 'base of operations' for staying in the Bay Area. Tuesday, the 5th was my foray into Mountain View. I have always said that if I were to return to the Bay Area on a permanent basis, I would want to live within walking distance of Castro Street in Mountain View. There are a lot of good memories there.

A lot of good restaurants as well. They remembered me at Chef Liu's, complimented me on how good I looked and asked about Hans. Dana Street Café was as wonderful as always. I chatted with Aaron. I did some writing. Paul came by to say hello and we ended up helping a guy at the big table with his crossword puzzle. Then, it was Sono Sushi. I just ordered a sashimi plate while Monte snacked from the sushi boats. That was a very good time. Monte and I walked down to the Bean Scene where I had a good mocha while we sat outside and talked. The moon was going on full and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Lovely.

I know I really love Seattle skies. I prefer them to the featureless, washed out California skies but sometimes, since I always look up when I go out at night, there is something to be said for a sky filled with the moon and stars and nothing else.

As an aside, I received an excellent rejection from John at Black Gate magazine for my story Sanguine Six. John wrote: "Your writing seems to be really developing nicely. I found this one fast paced and chilling. But the twist at the end was a little too predictable, and it leaves a few too many unanswered questions."

I have to tell you, I've never been so happy to have a story rejected. The very thing that got it rejected (the ending) has been bothering me ever since I sent it in. I've rewritten the ending on that story twice and have been dissatisfied both times. I think I've finally figured out an ending that I will be happy with. So, after I finish this month's Kendrick story and TEoP issue, I'm going to work on it and resubmit it around.

Wednesday was a day spent with Rich, talking and watching movies. The evening was spent at La Fondue with GregE, David, Rich, Cil and Sage. I like the Melting Pot up here but, really, they have nothing on La Fondue. It is the best fondue place I've ever been. Between that and the company, it was a fabulous evening.

Thursday was spent mostly with just GregE and David. Just hanging out. The two of them are very suited for each other and they live in Geek Heaven. From there, it was a jaunt up to Sacramento to meet up with Heather and her roomies who are very good people! We had dinner with Ryan (TEoP author), Jerry (TEoP photographer), Kat (Ryan's girlfriend), Heather (the Fabulous) and Eliot (One of the roommates).

Afterwards, Heather started showing me more of her painting I had not yet seen. Two of them have come home with me. I have now regained my "Most Honored Patron" status with Heather as I now have six of her paintings and her protégé's first painting. Of course, this means Heather needs to let my competition know of his demotion.

Friday was a relaxed day of sightseeing - I needed to do a bit of research for an upcoming novel and some for a couple of upcoming Freaky Friday Fictions - and then movie watching. I had to be to bed pretty early. 4am comes very early.

The trip back on Saturday was easy. I made it from Sacramento, CA to Redmond, WA in just less than 12.5 hours. No, I don't know how fast that has me averaged. I did not really stop for any extended period of time. Though, that last couple hundred miles were a bit rough on me. I had to pull into a rest stop and cat nap for 10 minutes. But, all was well. I got home safe and sound.

Esme and the kittens missed me a lot. Esme has been pretty clingy ever since I got home.

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