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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Convention Report - This was written during my vacation on the 5th. It's about Conquest. I'll post another AT tomorrow about the rest of vacation or thoughts I had on vacation.

September 5
The Convention Report

I went into Conquest with hard fought for optimism. Frankly, if I had not already planned to go to see friends that I don't get to see anymore except at these conventions, I would have seriously considered not going because of the crap leading up to the convention. (Believe me, being on the GM Consortium list and the Good Omens list has allowed me to see this convention's almost complete lack of effective communication.) That said, I did have a very good time and most of that was due to my friends. My thanks to them.

Bill was my roomie for the con and he is a most awesome roommate. Seriously. He kept me from feeling like a tag-a-long (which occasionally happens at these things), kept me entertained and looked out for me as much as I looked out for him.

Team Volare was there in full force. I got my happiness on with Rob and his "Hello Pretty Girl." I even got a "Good-bye Pretty Girl." Big Dave impressed the hell out of me with how much he has grown as a person in the last two years. Seriously. He has become a person I want to hang out with. Devon and Matt always make me feel good with their attention and witticisms. It was awesome seeing Wendy and cuddling with her. Alex and Johanna had that wonderful familiarity of good friends parted then meeting again. I didn't get to spend much time with Little Dave but I did get to meet his wife. What a lovely woman. Lori and David were a pleasure to see. Funny how we live in the same town but seem to see more of each other at conventions than when at home. I -finally- got to be in one of Joe's games and enjoyed the hell out of it. I will definitely plan to be in future LARPs by him.

I also got to hang out with the Good Omens crew some and that, as always, is a joy. I'm staying with Greg the Elder and Just David. It's an excellent base of operations for visiting with people after the con. I got to hang with Rich and Cil a bit and give Cil my required "You've got to move to Seattle" plea. I only got to see Blinkie and Mike briefly and chat with Kevan and Sean (of the PURPLE hair).

I ran my game in the Good Omens room. The biggest problem with this was the fact that I have a soft voice and the other game in the room was comprised of very loud voices. I felt terrible having to talk to MattE and ask him to quiet his game down a tiny bit because my players couldn't hear me at all. Still, it was a good game and everyone seemed to have a very good time. Even though only half of the game had seen Big Trouble in Little China. I guess I gave them a good enough time despite the problems. I still got applauded at the end.

As an aside, Greg the Elder gave me a great idea to combat the problem of getting players who have not seen the movie - I have BTiLC on DVD. I can show my players the trailers and the opening scene of the movie to give them the feel of the game.

One of the oddest occurrences that happened was the fact that there seems to have been an attack on the Good Omens group. There were flyers around the convention advertising room 6096 (which happened to be the GO room) as a place to get 'Exotic Massages.' The flyer was complete with cheesy pictures of barely dressed women and one man.

I was told about this by Cil and since she was giggling over it, I didn't get upset. Just mystified. Maybe it was an attack - and if it was, it was a staff member since no one knew which room was the GO room until the con. Maybe it was coincidence. However, out of the conversation with Cil came the brilliant idea that we are going to OWN this. For DDC, we will have buttons available that say "Good Omens gave my character an exotic massage!" and will be posting our own mocking flyer with cheesy (but well dressed) pictures of ourselves.

Sorry, you just can't screw with my friends. We won't let you.

However, this does lead me (in a round about way) to my very strong opinion that I will be voicing on the GO list. I do not want GO to be associated with any convention or convention organizer in the future beyond us simply attending conventions. If this means that we don't get a "Good Omens" room for us to run our games in, so be it. I don't care. It's a convenience for both GO and the convention but it is NOT worth what we went through dealing with Conquest.

I was not comfortable with the liberties Mr. Vega took with the GO name. I was not comfortable with even being around the man - to the point of me finding the flyers, the floor, the ceiling and my fingernails that much more interesting than him when he came to schmooze (in that car salesman way) with Rich and I happened to be there. I really think we, as a hobbyist organization, are going to regret having partnered up with him even in the limited capacity that we did. I think he will not hesitate to blame any issue or future decision involving RPGs at Conquest on us by stating something along the lines of "Well, Good Omens said X. It wasn't MY idea."

I most likely will not return to Conquest next year but that is due to my writing career and those obligations and not due to my current disgruntlement with the organizer of the convention.

Over all, it was a good time because of my friends. I was in two LARPs. I got to see some very much missed friends and to turn heads at the con by being the only female I saw the entire convention to wear a corset. Also, for the record, Bill is excellent at cinching and tying corsets.

I'm looking forward to the rest of my vacation here in the Bay Area and in Sacramento. It was surprisingly good start and I hope it continues.

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