Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Voice Post: Road Trip to the Con

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“Hello LJ land, it is about ... 3:40. And I have just realized probably all the voice posts I've done before now, I didn't actually publish. So you probably haven’t actually seen anything from Gedian or I, yet. So reiterate the post that you probably not seen. We made it to the country kitchen. We made it to Grants Pass. Yes, alloop is in front of the chamber of comers, and we are currently just out side of Redding. ah, we got about 220, 230 miles to go. Which will put us at Sacramento during rush hour, so we are not quite sure when we're going to make it to the bay area, but we will see. We're fine. It is fuckin' hot, but we will see you when we get there. And now I am actually going to publish this. Bye.”

Transcribed by: lunargypsie

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