Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Sunday's Apocalyptic Porn (IE: Mega Natural Disasters)

After I finished my TEoP story, I turned on the TV to discover that the History channel had dedicated itself to natural disaster apocalyptic porn. Man, am I ever getting a fix for my apocalyptic fascination. It has ranged from mega tsunamis on the East coast to mega tornados across to the mid-West to mega volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest (my home turf) to the mega natural disaster of a global climate change. Most of it is "What if" and is contrasting it to what has already happened. At 8pm, we are moving back to Killer Hurricanes.

Between that and an email conversation with a new friend from Gen Con, BenC, who not only has the same apocalyptic fascination I do but is also doing something about it, I should have some interesting dreams in the coming weeks. BenC and I have been discussing our own preparations and we have pointed out things that we each are doing that the other could do with a minor bit of effort. Plus, he has me pondering the idea of taking some medical classes for general practical medicine as well as midwifery. He's pointed out that there is a huge midwife movement afoot that seems to be upsetting the AMA.

We have also been comparing the Grants Pass scenario versus the slow collapse of civilization. I have to tell you, it is really interesting to talk about this sort of stuff with someone who has done as much thinking about it as I have and who has actually started doing something about it. I'm really glad ivan23 introduced the two of us.

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