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Moving right along...

I'm doing pretty good with my goals for the weekend. In-between the various tasks, I have been reading the second book in Margaret Weis' Dragonvarld series. It really is different from much of her other writing. I like it a lot.

Now, I have begun Episode #9 for the Kendrick series of the Edge of Propinquity, called "Sins of the Brother." Here's the opening paragraph splat. It's rough, but it is there.

Brother Simon, as he was known only within the hidden confines of the monastery, felt the return of the peace of monastic life as he stripped himself of his mundane costume and slid into the simple robe of his order. He left his other clothing neatly folded in the coat room. Giving the pile of outer world clothing and effects a troubled glance, he realized his problem was not the fact that he was a man with two lives. It was the fact that he was no longer certain he could tell which one was the real one and which one was the sham.

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