Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Good News

Monday, I sign the loan papers for my home equity line of credit that I will dip into during my Writing Year. This is, literally, the last hurdle (originally I wrote 'hurl' - as in I'm gonna... - Freudian slip to be sure) to be done before all my ducks are in a row to be able to start my Writing Year whenever it this current MS contract ends. There's a bit of emotional turmoil involved with this but I think I'm gonna let it stew.

Also, wolfieboy and cindygerb have officially been approved as kitten adopters. Simon and Zoe have officially been adopted. It is a bittersweet sorrow and joy - a cup I will most definitely drink from again and again. Simon clearly bonded with Cindy and Zoe was content to sprawl on both Cindy and Darren. I believe these kittens will be spoiled rotten and it makes me happier than I can express in mere words. Monday, I will drop the kittens off for fixing and that afternoon, they will go home to their forever parents/home. If you know wolfieboy and cindygerb, thank them much for doing this.

That leaves River and Kaylee for adoption and I have heard through the grapevine that a couple other of my friends are seriously thinking about adopting them. But, no promises. We shall see what we see.

This weekend, I am staying home, mostly dedicating my time to my Conquest game and to TEoP.

• Read Rick's story

• Post kittens
• Read 'The Dragon's Son'
• List what to pack - clothing, books, gifts, alcohol
• Wash clothing

Do my Conquest Game:
• Write out note cards
• Do character sheets
• Flesh out acts

• Read Justine's story
• Prep Justine's story

• Pay Justine
• Prep Eugene's story
• Write 'Sins of the Brother'

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