Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Kittens for adoption.

I foster kittens for the King County Animal shelter. I am about to put my foster kittens on and I thought I would give LJ one more try. I have four kittens ready to adopt - two torties and two black and white kittens. They are 12 weeks old and are absolutely friendly. I have pictures and descriptions below the cut.

We have Kaylee, Zoe, River and Simon.

Kayley is the most friendly and talkative of the bunch. She has an insistent meow you cannot mistake when she wants something. Other than that, she will play with any part of you that moves - or doesn't. Plus, she is always stealing the scrunchies from my hair.

Zoe is the other pretty tortie and is one of the more adventuresome of the kittens. Yes, I do find her climbing the screens in the window. She loves to jump to high places. However, she is also one of the most loving of the kittens. She frequently comes over to bonk heads with me or groom my hair if I am stilling still.

River black and white and is the shyest of the kittens. She likes to stand off and watch at first. Then, she approaches you on her terms. She has a slight, elegant frame and is beautiful to watch move. Once she warms up to you, she loves to come and sniff your face, hands and pants.

Simon, the only boy, has the tiniest meow. It's so cute. He is going to be a big one, based on his build. He is very gentle, playing with soft paws, except where the dreaded string monster is concerned.

All of these kittens are in my home in Redmond. At the time of this posting, they had not been fixed. But, that's ok, we have taken that into account. You can come visit these kittens with your SO, roommates and/or family to determine if you and they fit together. If you decide you do, this is the procedure:

1. Come visit the kittens and I make sure you're not into making kitten flambé.
2. Once I approve you, you go to the King County Animal Shelter to fill out the paperwork and pay the $70 fee. This fee pays for the fixing of the kitten and its shots.
3. I will get the OK from the Shelter and will take the kitten(s) to the shelter to be fixed.
4. You will pick up the kitten that night.

So, please, if you are looking to add a kitten to your home, comment here or email me at skitten at skitten dot best dot vwh dot net. (It's in my profile.)

Feel free to repost this or post links to this post where you believe is appropriate.

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