Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

For Chadu & Macklinr

This is the Truth & Justice character I came up with for the pick up 2012 supers game that macklinr, high priest of chadu, ran for the TEoP group at Gen Con. I, who hate dealing with most stat creation wonkiness in RPGs, created this character in about 10 minutes.


Name: Constance "Connie" Whitaker
Super name: Confluence

Motivation: Protecting the Good (Yes, 'good' is based on her definition.)

Grasp of the Situation (Master, +6)
Leadership (Good, +2)
Communications (Good, +2)

Superpower: Luck (Master, +6) - In this case, luck = probabilities.

Stunt: Heart of the Matter - Based of Grasp of the Situation (Expert, +4, Cost = 1 Hero point)
- During combat, Connie can take a round to get to the heart of the matter of a situation - the weakest point, the real leader who is giving the orders, what is most important, the keystone that is most connected to all probabilities that she can affect.

Weakness: Combat Hesitancy. (Cannot act on the first 1st of combat as she is gathering data to get the grasp of the situation.)

Constance Whitaker grew up in a privileged world but her innate skills and super abilities have led her to some startlingly dismal views of the future. She works 4 The People, a shadowy group of freedom fighters who work against the government's oppression of the citizens of the world. She is very loyal to The People and their cause. So much so that there is a 70% chance that she will be leading the organization within three years. 83% if she put her mind to it.

There is just one problem. Her father, Devon Whitaker, is the head of Bureau of Paranormal Containment, the government group assigned to hunt down, capture and/or eradicate all members of The People. He is aware that his little girl has been brainwashed and assimilated into this terrorist organization while she is aware that her father needs to be broken out of the carefully controlled and managed mold he has been forced into.

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