Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Reality versus Mundanity

Reality is somewhat hard to comeback to after Gen Con. But, it won't wait for me to decide I'm ready for it. Bills need to be paid. The kittens need feeding and the litter boxes need cleaning. From 'sorta a celebrity' to mundanity in one easy step: scoop out a litter box.

Still, I keep thinking about the people I met and wishing I had more time to talk to them like eddyfate and mouseferatu. I keep thinking about the conversations I did have and the impact I had on them. I was sitting there, helping decide the fate of product lines. An offhand comment of "If it were me, I would do X..." became "Great! Excellent idea. Let's do it..." Castlemourn cannon.

My mind is still back there in space and time, smiling over the good memories.

In two weeks, I'm off to unreality again with my annual CA roadtrip. This next two weeks is just a mundanity speed bump.

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