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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with a transcript of all of the previous voice posts from Gen Con and with Thoughts from Gen Con Indy which is me trying to remember to splat out all of the messages I had for people along with some random thoughts.

August 14, 2006
Thoughts from Gen Con Indy
Right now, I'm not really coherent and I still have all of my TEoP author stories to go over today for posting tomorrow. However, there are a few things I wanted to comment on and let people know about.

Lukas (amnesiack) - I got the thing you wanted me to find and more! It really cool. You owe me $40. We can make the exchange this week if you like.

Hans (hansandersen) - I got the two things you wanted me to find and one of them, I went above the call of duty for you. I think you will be very pleased. You owe me $65. Let's have sushi soon!

Cherie (cmpriest) - Larry (Elmore) wants you to contact him to talk about your career. No, seriously, he does. That's what he said. He gave me his email address and asked me to get you to contact him. Something about having story ideas.

Heather (artistic_chaos) - Remind Ryan that I got you something. I saw it and thought of you.

Rick (shaharazad), Ryan (macklinr) and I got together and voted Ivan (ivan23) as the "coolest, f*cking person at the convention" because, well, he was. What a great meeting that was between the TEoP authors. There will be a full TEoP Gen Con report later in the week.

Holy Toledo! Jim Ward said he'll write for TEoP!

Ed Greenwood is the most fun, easy going amazingly incorrigible man I have ever met. Really. I think it was his goal to make me blush every single time we met up. You have not been to Gen Con until Ed embarrasses you. I have so many more good things to say about him as a person and co-author. Those will come once I've had sleep and time to collect my thoughts. He also said he would write for TEoP if he found the time. That man is so busy!

Ryan earned two titles from me. The first is "My Champion of All Things Penis Related" (in regards to Ed Greenwood) and you really had to be there to understand how this happened. Suffice it to say that Ryan was willing to take one for the team and Ed was willing to dish it out..

The second title is "The High Priest of ChadU (chadu)" because Ryan did something I never thought possible: After lauding ChadU's praises and game system, he got me to really enjoy a superhero game. The Truth & Justice system was so amazingly good/simple that we went from nothing to characters generated, to plot created, to satisfying adventure run in about two hours. I was so impressed and amazed with the Truth & Justice system that I bought the RPG and I'm going to suggest it for review for Black Gate Magazine. I'm half tempted to switch my Big Demons in Little China game from the Unisystem to the T&J system.

Rick earned the title of the nicest Evil GM because he seems so sweet and kind. Then, he'll mention something so totally evil out of the blue in a game context that it is jarring. You'd never expect such evilness from such a kind face.

The crew at Sovereign Press: Jamie, Renee and Sean, were totally awesome and were as nice as could be. Made me feel welcome and always made sure I was doing well. I got introduced to Margaret Weis and had a lovely chat with her. She gave me three signed books that relate to my next project and thanked me for doing such good work.

I also know what my next project is and it is another co-authorship. However, it is a companion novel and will be sold as a trade paperback or mass market paperback for sure. I can't remember if I can actually announce what the project is based on or who my co-author is except to say that she was mentioned in this entry already.

I have a few copies of my book (squee) to show around. We sold more of them than expected. So, I didn't get to bring back a box of them to give out at Conquest as I had hoped. I'm not going to be working on the Core sourcebook for Castlemourn unless something drastic happens but I will work on any supplements after that. Currently, we have the Player Setting Guide, the Core book and an adventure module. After that, things are up in the air.

Tomorrow, I will (hopefully) give you all a more coherent over all write up on Gen Con Indy. It was a great time and successful in many ways. I'm pretty much planning to go to it again next year.

Tarot Card for the Day: The Emperor, Inverted

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