Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Voice Post: Dinner with TEoP Authors

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“Jennifer: "Hi! It's Jenn. Like it would be someone else. But, actually, it is someone else. I am sitting a restaurant at Gen Con with my TEoP authors! I'm so excited. Big news: We've decided to definitely do year two and we're going to go with a guest author every month and we're going to keep the theme the same and lots of other stuff. I'm going to do a full report afterwards. Sometime next week but not Monday because I'm really busy. Now, I'm going to force all my authors to talk to you guys. So... Here's Ivan."

Ivan: "Well. There's little point in keeping the meeting top secret if we're going to post about it on livejournal two minutes later. But, with that said, it's been a wonderful time. I'm very glad to be here and I'm going to pass it on to Ryan, having left my verbal prints across this journal."

Ryan: "You're listening to Jenn, J-E-N-N, yeah. That's right. It's on livejournal. We know drama, audio style. Yeah. Just then was a horrible cannibalism and up next will be pulp madness and right now we're going to play a little bit of crazy, insane traffic stuff. Now. Here's Rick."

Rick: "Hey! This is Rick here at Gen Con. I spent the day hanging out with Jenn and now I'm hanging out with the rest of the TEoP authors, which is very cool. Jenn showed me a thing or two about smoozing with famous fantasy authors and artists whose names I won't mention - Larry Elmore, Ed Greenwood - and we're hoping to get in lots more smoozing as we celebrate the year two of TEoP and the release of Jenn's new book, A Player's Guide to Castlemourn, which she co-authored with one of those guys I just mentioned."

Jennifer: "Now you guys see why I love these guys. Yah! Year Two is coming!"”

Transcribed by: gaaneden

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