Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Voice Post:

246K 1:08
“Jennifer: "Hello Everybody. This is Jenn. I'm now at Gen Con or, actually, at a Starbucks before entering Gen Con. I am sitting here with my Copy Editor, Brian. He was so kind to meet up with me because, you know, I'm terrified of meeting 50,000 people by myself. I'm going to make him say hello to you now."

Brian: "Hello, this is Brian Gute. I'm a freelance editor and write. Happy to meet Jenn for the first time. Glad to have my first book with her through Sovereign Press and I'll turn you back over to her."

Jennifer: "So, as you can see, he's really nice. The flight was pretty good but, apparently, sometime while I was in the air, there was a terrorist alert or something like that so I was in danger of losing my toothpaste and lotion and weird stuff like that. But, it didn't happen. In any case, I'm here. I'm fine. I will make another post sometime soon. Shane. I haven't forgotten you want me to do a drunk dial. I don't know if I will but who knows. Everyone have a great weekend. Bye."”

Transcribed by: gaaneden

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