Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Yesterday ended up pretty good for several reasons.

1. Indian dinner feast at the Nexus. Yum! There were some fabulous dishes there. Plus, Gideon made me a couple new drinks that were pretty strong and very sweet.

2. Amber had a baby mouse there that she was hand feeding. So, I got to hand feed it a couple times throughout the evening. It was just too cute. Really.

3. We're planning a "slumber party" theme party for the weekend after I get back from Gen Con but before Gid and I head down to the Bay area. He'll be staying there for a couple of months. I will be coming back after a couple of weeks.

I'm going shooting tonight with Mr. Merrell after I pack for Gen Con. So, I'm wearing my "Celebrate Diversity" gun t-shirt because I didn't want to wear something with a scoop neck (hot shell casings in the bra hurt!) and I am getting some strange looks. Yes, MS has a gun club. I've chatted with a couple of people about it but it seems that not all of MS is as comfortable with the concept as others. Either that or they are just trying to read the shirt. I think it is the former. At least with the females who have been staring at me with a disapproving look this morning.

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