Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Ah, yes. Monday morning.

Yes. It is Monday. Yes. It is morning. Neither of these two things are "good" right now. I didn't mention last week that I left work on Friday almost in tears because I was so frustrated with a situation where I promised something to my PM and wasn't able to deliver it because of one of my co-workers ... thus, ended up looking like an ass in front of this PM... again.

Now, my co-worker is trying to explain to me what happened and is fully taking the blame, etc. He is really trying hard "I hope we can work together, to correct the mistakes from last week and try to restore confidence in both your capabilities (in the eyes of Management and Program Management) as well as your confidence in me."

But, damn. Last Friday really sucked and it is just driving it home that I can't leave what happened back there in last week.

So, I'm going to look for goodness where I can get it. For example: Jenn finally gets her man! *squee*

Also, I discovered that there is an audio CD version of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere but it is only in the UK. I was wondering if one of my UK buddies would be willing to purchase it and ship it to me. *kitten eyes at felder*

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