Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

T-7 days and counting...

Gen Con Indy in one week (*AIYE*) and nervousness is turning to excitement. I need a ride to Sea-Tac Wednesday, August 9th. I need to be there by 8pm and will be flying Delta. Any volunteers for a ride? I would appreciate it much. Thanks!

Also, the kittens are all over 2 pounds and are ready for adoption. I found out that I do not need to get them fixed before adoption if you come to my house, pass my screening (you know, to make sure you don't like to make kitten flambé), go to the shelter and fill out the paperwork. After that, all that is needed is me to drop the kittens off for fixing and you to pick up your new kitten master/mistress! Come on! You know you wanna!

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