Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Just now... sudden flashes of unreality.

It was a running dream. The first one in a long time. Someone was trying to hurt me. I was running from house to house. One guy let me in and suggested I hide in the basement but the basement was not much more than 5 square feet of room. I declined and kept going. I was running through my old hilly suburban neighborhood in Waynesboro, PA. It had many houses and trees. Something happened and I thought that I really needed to write up this dream upon waking. It would be important later. That and it was a running dream. I liked running dream. When I woke up, I did not remember it nr to get up and write it down. But, suddenly, right now, there are flashes of it in my mind. The streets. The stairs. The white house with pillars. The man (Heath Ledger?) offering a small sanctuary. The running. The ability to run... Now, all I can think is that I am sad I don't remember it, sad that I didn't write it down, sad that I have forgotten something important.
Tags: dreams

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