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I went shooting at Wades last night with digitaleopard. He came over and showed me the weapons he had. I'm pretty sure he knew it but I watched him pretty carefully when he handled the pistols. He was appropriate. Never pointed a weapon in an unsafe direction, checked the weapon to see if it was loaded every time he handled it - even if he checked, dropped the clip, checked it again, handed it to me, watched me handle the weapon (checking it, etc) and handed it back. After that, I felt good going to the range with him.

He has a Walther P22 Target .22LR (Long Rifle) and a Smith and Wesson Sigma in .40 caliber. I also rented a SIG 245 in .45 caliber. We shot 100 rounds of .22, 50 rounds of .45 and probably another 40 rounds of the .40.

Obviously, I did best with the .22. No recoil. I was able to get some nice groupings at 25 feet. The SIG was a mess. Either it was brand new and needed to be broken in or it was in desperate need of cleaning. It shot way low and to the left. Every time. The Sigma sucked for me. I didn't like the feel of the grip and it was very heavy. I kept anticipating the recoil and my breathing was all over the place. By the end of the session, my hands were shaking from fatigue.

Next time I go back, I'm going to focus on .22 pistols only. They are cheaper to shoot and I need to relearn how to shoot correctly. Tuesday night is a good night for me to go, too. It's Ladies Night. 1/2 off lane rentals and weapon rentals are free. I'm going to go through my "Jane's Guide to Weapon Identification" and pick out a series of .22 pistols for me to try out.

It was a really good time. I'm definitely going again.

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