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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Happy Fan Girl in which I mostly squeak happily about my weekend. There is also a bit about a certain bet...

July 24
Happy Fan Girl

For the record, yes, it's too darn hot and not in a good way. One of the selling points of moving to the Pacific Northwest was the mild temperatures and cloudy skies. We haven't seen that in days. Seattleites are melting all over the place. Me, too. However, now that I'm using the frozen towel trick, things are going better. Last night, bliss was a half-frozen towel draped over my body, lying in the path of a fan. That was the only way I was able to sleep.

This weekend, despite the heat, I got a good dose of fan girl squeaking out of my system. However, I'm still very bouncy over Abney Park. The whole band was just as nice as could be and super keen. Robert bought me water when I came unprepared for the heat. I (unwisely) assumed Studio Seven would have AC. No. It didn't and it must have been 100 degrees in there at its worst. I can't imagine how bad it must have been on stage.

The Mecha-fest promoters rushed Abney Park on to the stage and immediately, the tech problems began but the sound guy did his job and got it all working. They got about 1/2 way through their set before the tech problems really got bad due to the heat, with the drum-line suddenly changing tempo on them in mid-song. About 40 minutes into the set, one of the pieces of equipment gave an almost human shriek and died, shutting down the computer. At that point, in the middle of "The Wrong Side," Robert gave it up for lost, shouting "We are Abney Park! Good night!"

I tell you, the whole band dealt with the heat and equipment failure like champs. Between Robert and Miss Veen holding a fan on the ailing equipment to Miss Veen joking and explaining that they never have this problem because everything is climate controlled in the future. They still played for 40 minutes under spotlights in 100+ degree weather. I did hear afterwards that there will be a rider in all future contracts that if the stage is over 100 degrees, the band does not have to play.

The best compliment for them I heard all day came after Abney Park left the stage. One of the band members from another band also playing at Mecha-Fest commented to another person. "That's too bad. They were really good despite the problems. I think they're the best band here today."

I think I did a pretty good job of selling CDs and T-shirts. Once I sold out of their newest CD, I was able to sell some of the older ones because I was able to tell those buying what songs were on which CDs that had been played live that day. This is what you get when you obsess over a band and listen to them non-stop for days on end. Also, I didn't die of from heat exhaustion because the other merch-girl shared her fan. She was really quite nice.

For a bonus, Robert and Kristina invited me out to dinner with them and some other fans. The Persian place we went to was nummy! It was the same restaurant that Robert wrote Stigmata Martyr in. They also paid for my dinner as a thank you for being their merch-girl. It wasn't necessary but it was very much appreciated.

The extra treat was meeting Nathan's wife, Eve Forward. She's an author I admire. Meeting was funny. The band on the stage was so loud that no one could hear anyone else. She tired to ask me if I was "Gaaneden" but all I heard was "Eden." When I nodded she kept saying, "Eve!" and I didn't get it. Eden? Eve? What, was it a joke based on my name? She showed me her driver's license (with her married name) and I still didn't get it. Finally, we started conversing via pen and paper. I actually squeaked when I read "Eve For..." (She didn't have to go farther than that for me to finally get it.) I don't think she heard it over the band. I hope not. We didn't get to talk much but she was very sweet and I did recognize her from DDC. She, Nathan and I will be getting together soon for dinner. I'm looking forward to that.


I did also work this weekend. Not my MS job. My writing. I finished and set off my story for the "In Bad Dreams" anthology. It's the first non Edge of Propinquity story in months. So, I was worried. Plus, I'm still not so sure that I can write horror and suspense very well. Apparently, I can do so well enough. I've already heard back from a couple of my 1st Round Reader group. It was an over all hit with only minor change suggestions so far.

Now, I'm working on the August TEoP story where things are going to continue to get worse for our heroine. She is going to discover that even the things she has counted on cannot be trusted as these things are not as they seem to be.


Silly bet update: 16 pounds and 6 weeks to go. Tough but not impossible. I do believe that a certain Baron should be shaking in his boots and polishing up his serving technique. Though, I guess this is the time where I should admit that I finally looked up the AFROTC PFT requirements and my original numbers were a bit high. So, to be fair, here are the actual numbers.

There are minimums for each event, based on gender:

Males: 33 (instead of 60) push-ups in 2 mins, 40 (instead of 60) sit ups in 2 mins, 12:30 or less run

Females: 18 (instead of 30) push-ups in 2 mins, 35 (instead of 60) sit ups in 2 mins, 14:30 or less run

Also, they seem to have dropped off the 5 overhand pull-ups for men and 45 second overhand hang for females. Now, I will say that I always got over 60 sit ups in the two minutes and I always barely squeaked through on my push ups and hang. So, since I challenged you to the AFROTC Fitness test and not my version of it, the above is what you need to pass.

Tarot Card for the Day: High Priestess, Inverted

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