Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Nathan! My Kittens are cuter than your kittens!

My foster kitten are about 9 weeks old now. Once I decided on the naming theme (Firefly), my kittens named themselves.

Kayley (Tortie female) - so named because she is hyper, talkative, cute and always jumping on Simon.

Zoe (Tortie female) - so named because I turned around and she was scaling the screen window and she is fearless.

River (Black and white female) - so named because she remains apart from the rest a lot of the time but does go play. She also likes things on her own terms, thankyouverymuch.

Simon (Black and white male) - so named because he's cute, plays gentle with fingers and seems to look out for River a lot.

Group shots of Zoe, Kayley and Simon

These kittens are available for adoption in the Seattle area. If you would like to visit with these kittens, please contact me. My email is on my info page.

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