Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Abney Park at Mecha - Fest | Studio Seven on July, 23 2006

Just call me Merch-Girl. I will be there, volunteering as Merch-Girl for Abney Park! I will be selling their CDs, t-shirts, etc; lauding the band's virtues; taking cash; and finally seeing them in concert!

I need to be there by 3pm. If you want to come and want a ride, you need to be at my house my 2:15pm. No later. I can take 3 other people. 4 if the three in the back don't mind being cozy.

The Details
July, 23 2006 at Mecha - Fest | Studio Seven
110 South Horton, Seattle, WA 98134
Cost: $12

Mecha-Fest is July 23rd | Studio Seven | all ages | 4pm-12am | tickets $10 advance or $12 day of.
Featuring Abney park and...
1. Coitus
2. Bell's Theorem
3. Black Pill Book
4. 64K
5. God fearing Nation
6. Uglyhead
7. Mind Altering Substances

This is Abney Park's first Seattle show in almost two years!! Don't miss this one, put it on your calendars now! THEY PLAY AT 6:00!!! For more info:

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