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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Immortal Ponderings - which is mostly about ponderings in a fictional world.

July 17
Immortal Ponderings

Since I've been noodling over RE again, part two in particular, I have been thinking about how to portray characters who are hundred (sometimes thousands) of years old. I have been pondering how they would act. How much do they remember? How much would they care about? Relationships? Learning new things? Remembering old things? All of this needs to tie into the story and the motivations of those characters.

I think back on my own life and wonder if I'm just strange or if it is the way most people are. Especially when it comes to my relationships with people. I lived with Donna and her son for five years, less than five years ago. Yet, occasionally, I struggle to remember their names. I can remember the states I lived in and the order but I can't always remember the cities and I certainly don't remember addresses. However, at the same time, there are certain people I continue to remember whether I speak to them or not. They are important to me. I wonder if this is the result of being a Military Brat and learning early that relationships with people and places are transitory. I wonder if people who do not move much or at all have this same thing. Do they forget people long after they move out of their lives or do those memories stay because they were trained that relationships were long term?

When it comes to knowledge, I'd like to think that most people are the same. If a knowledge or skill is not used or accessed on a regular basis, it atrophies. For someone to be able to return to such knowledge, they need to think about it, reference it and practice it. I know what an Integral is. I know what a Derivative is. I cannot, for the life of me, tell you how to do either - right now. If I sat down, thought about it, pulled out my calculus book and practiced them, I could.

When it comes to learning new things, I tend to be either very eager or very reluctant to try them. I have not thought about this in depth, so I have not discerned a pattern to my behavior. The only thing I have figured out is the driving to new places by myself thing. Other than that it seems to be random which things I will embrace and which I will shun. Rarely will anything shift from shunned to embraced.

So, now, I am thinking about a culture where the highest levels of leadership and a very small group of explorers are extremely long lived while the majority of the population has more normal life spans. Within the storyline, the main character split is about 50-50 between the long lived and the short lived. I know the motivations between the two sets of people will be different for the most part but I'm trying to figure out where they would overlap and where there would be a conflict. The conspiracy plot is coming to a head in the story and I have the motivations of one side of the conflict (the aggressors) but I don't really have the motivation of the other side (the defenders).

I think this is because I cannot fathom (at this moment) why the defenders would want to defend the thing they are defending. That is because I cannot get into the mindset of a 1000 year old creature; especially one who has seen many things come and go. Only, in this case, this particular thing has not changed in the last thousand years. So, I am struggling between them wanting to defend it out of fear of the unknown and wanting to see it change to make their own lives more interesting. For me, the latter motivation seems much more appealing. I wonder if that is because I am short lived and want to see all I can or because the longer I live, the more I want to continue to grow and expand what I know.

Meh. I really need to think on this more.


Life is good when Ed Greenwood gives you all sorts of excellent advice on Gen Con and wants to buy you dinner when you meet up. Happiness abounds. Now that Castlemourn has been announced, I am able to talk about it publicly. I'm so pleased. I can't wait to see what the website looks like. Just like I can't wait to see what the Donato cover to the book will look like. I really don't know what sort of cover a 'post-apocalyptic fantasy setting where kingdoms fight for power through political intrigue and outright warfare; where the brave seek their fortunes in dangerous ruins, and where everyone fears the unspeakable evil that shadows their land' is going to look like. I am very tempted to get a picture of Ed and I together then turn that and the cover of book and frame it for my hallway. Hopefully, it would be the first of many cover credit photos.


The foster kittens are doing very well. I don't have pictures yet but I will, soon. They are very cute and I seem to have finally won over River. She came up and played with me today; even sat on me voluntarily. I guess it just took her some time to get used to me and the new situation. Either that or she got jealous of all the attention I was giving her siblings.

Esme, of course, is a big ball of grump but she's not really hissing at me anymore when I come out of the kitten room. However, she's not complaining at getting wet food more than once a week. These days, because I need to feed the kittens wet food every day; she gets it a lot more often.

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