Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Response to my Stalkers (meme)

My stalker, sylvan, was curious as to why I would have the interest of "Mischance." For those who do not know what mischance is, simply put, it is bad luck and is synonymous with misfortune.

Why would I be interested in such a thing? I suppose because it is all a matter of perspective. Bad luck is in the eye of the beholder. Is getting a flat tire causing you to change it in the rain good or bad luck if, by happenstance, you had not had the flat tire you could have been involved in an accident up the road?

Beyond the point of view perspective, I am interested in mischance because of how people react when it falls on them. This is illustrated by the story of three infants - a dog, a human and a kitten. When the human baby is frightened, it runs for help. When the canine baby is frightened, it submits, whining and rolling over to expose its belly. When the feline baby is frightened, it braces for what may come. That is what I look for in people. What do they do? How do they react and act?

Finally, I am interested in mischance because I like the word. It makes me think of the words "missed chance" which, in turn, reminds me of the kanji for "Crisis" which is the words "Dangerous" and "Opportunity" put together. When mischance comes knocking, who knows what will follow it.

Torturing LJer Baronlaw
My stalker, nikitalynn, was curious as to why I would have the interest of "Torturing LJer Baronlaw." It is really quite simple. It's because we like to torment him and he likes to be tormented. I dare baronlaw to deny this. If he does, I shall list out what he has done to earn such an interest to be listed from the bets to the costumes to the various other things. Now, I will point out that if we didn't love him, we wouldn't spend so much of our time being so dastardly towards him.

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