Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


Ok. That was unexpectedly cool. This morning I was hungry, so I decided to get something from the grill in Café 31. The Chef was someone I did not recognize. The Chef started cooking up my order when another guy came in to check the oven equipment. They obviously knew each other, speaking in Spanish in the casual form. I don't speak Spanish, but I do understand it. The conversation I caught onto went like this:

Chef: How's the family?
Service guy: Good. Good. You?
Chef: Same. Equipment running good?
Service guy: Yep. Hot. Speaking of hot, she's beautiful. (I caught his low hand motion towards me since I was looking down.)
Chef: Very beautiful.
Service guy: It's a nice view to have in the morning.
Chef: Absolutely.
They smiled at each other and the Chef plated my order, giving it to me with a smile. I thanked him and went on my way.

That has me smiling a lot! I'm not dressed up or anything. Just simple black pants and a black scope neck shirt. Hair down, no jewelry except my watch. Now, I've got a perma-grin as well.

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