Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Tripping Down Memory Lane...

Thanks to a ton of 80's Videos on YouTube.

Jenn/Me: Real Life - Send me an Angel!
Bill: good one!
Jenn/Me: Richard Marx!
Bill: there's a name out of the past
Jenn/Me: Yeah. I loved him.
Bill: nod
Jenn/Me: Rick Astley!
Jenn/Me: Rick Springfield!
Bill: he of the deep voice
Bill: Jesses girl!
Jenn/Me: Yes!
Bill: excellent song
Bill: real sense of longing in it
Jenn/Me: OMG...
Bill: ?
Bill: who?
Jenn/Me: The Rick Astley video has a girl wearing a black and white dress similiar to one I used to wear. That led to the memory of my first boyfriend serenading me...
Bill: ahh memory trippin
Jenn/Me: Yes. Wow.
Jenn/Me: What a memory.
Bill: all comes back in a rush soemtimes
Jenn/Me: This one did. I can't remember what he sang to me but he was very good. I stood on the balcony of my parent's bedroom. They were gone for the weekend. So, I was having a special dinner with my guy, wearing this dress. It was SO romantic. I can see his face as he sang to me.
Bill: you were lost in the moment
Jenn/Me: Yes. That's a good way of putting it.

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