Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Ready to Go

I usually travel in the mornings. So, the night before I travel, I sleep very lightly. Usually, I bounce out of bed when my alarm goes off because I've been awake for a good 15-20 minutes by then already. The same was true this morning. I was up, showered and mostly dressed before I realized that I was up an hour earlier than normal (I usually hit the snooze until I hear my roommate get out of the shower) and that I wasn't traveling until tonight. In my head, I was already on my way to the airport.

Thus, I had time to get a mocha this morning and come into work for a leisurely beginning... ah, no. Crap broke. Fires raging. Mass confusion! It's Jenn to the rescue!

But, in my mind, I'm already traveling.

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