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June 27
Traveling Fool

The winds of change keep on coming. Every single time I think to myself, "You know, this is pretty cool. The department really does make a difference. I could come back to the Evil Empire on an FTE basis," something comes along and smacks me upside the head and reminds of why I left in the first place.

Yes, there has been a re-org. I have no idea what is going to happen now because my project, but not my boss, has been re-org'd into another, much larger group. So, my boss gets to come back from vacation tomorrow to discover this. It may have absolutely no impact on me or my day-to-day work at all. It may mean that I'm out of a job in a couple weeks. I don't know. We'll have to see. It's just one of a couple unpleasant things I need to talk about with my boss when he gets back. I tell you, after running this department for 2 weeks; I know I certainly don't want his job.

On the cool side of life, one of my minions came to me today for advice about his career and where he should go with it. We had a talk about his strengths and weaknesses, what he likes to do and what he hates and generally sussed things out that way. It was pretty neat to have that sort of talk with someone. If Hans wasn't in Scotland, I would have hooked the two of them up together because Hans has a great insight in to that and being a dev.


We've started something that I hope to become a regular thing once or twice a month at the Nexus. I was going to call it "Sunday Dinner" but twice now, I've automatically typed "Family Dinner." I suppose that's because the people I hang out with at the Nexus and those who join us are my family by choice. It was just something I noticed and thought I should comment on.


I'm going to be a traveling fool during the next few months. I had not planned it that way but that's what happened.

This weekend is a trip to CA to go to the commitment ceremony of a couple of good friends of mine who got together, in part, because I told them both to enjoy the fling but don't count on anything long term. Both were the 'rebound' guy/gal and neither wanted a commitment. My strong recommendation was for them to just relax and have fun while it lasted. That was ten years ago. I'm really quite pleased by all this. It's worth it to me to fly down there for less than 48 hours and spend that time celebrating with them.

In August, I'm going to do a four day whirlwind trip to Gen Con Indy. I've bought my tickets. I couldn't get a non-stop. I have one connection each way. I'm going to arrive early on Thursday of Gen Con and leave late on Sunday of Gen Con. I have no idea what is going to happen in-between except I'm going to meet a whole bunch of very cool people including my editors at Sovereign Press whom I've already promised that I will not burst into a confetti of squee-ing fan girl at Margaret Weis. However, I will take a couple of well thumbed books for her signature.

In September, I'm going to take my annual road trip to Conquest and spend a week afterwards visiting with friends. I absolutely adore the drive from Seattle to the Bay Area. There is something about it that refreshes me. (Not to mention I get to stop at Grants Pass.) I'll go to Conquest, then hang out for a week then spend a couple days in Sacramento before heading back up. I'll visit all my friends and favorite hangouts and just generally 'be.'

I have other trips coming up like a family reunion at Christmas and my trip to Europe in 2007 but neither of them is planned out yet. Still, it is a lot of traveling and makes me smile.


On the writing front, I've pinged my Grants Pass people with the following email:

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a long time since I've spoken to most of you. Grants Pass has been a multi-year adventure for me as well. But, it looks like we are coming to the end of one phase (compiling and editing) and moving towards the beginning of the next phase (publication).

I've finally reached the 57,000 mark on Grants Pass and approved a query for a 12,000 word story. This will bump us up to well over my 60,000 word minimum. At that point, Grants Pass will be officially closed but, I will still allow the occasional story in based on recommendations of other Grants Pass Authors until we need to set the copy edit and go to press.

At this time, I have a query into DAW that has been there for almost two months without a response yet (not unusual) and I have several friends who have contacts into TOR. Hopefully soon, a second query will be going out to them.

What do I need from you? Two things: First, I need a 100-250 word bio for the anthology. Second, I need your opinion on something.

As much as I want to go with a big name publisher on this project, I am willing to drop to a small press or even Print on Demand (though, that is my last desire). I'm wondering what your thoughts are: Hold out for big press, look into small press or investigate something like and do POD. Also, do you have a recommendation on the small press?

Editor, Grants Pass Anthology

Every single one wants me to wait for the large publishers. About 50% recommended small press publishers just in case and almost everyone did not want to do POD. I'm really glad; this suits my line of thinking exactly. I'm willing to wait and try for the brass ring. I think I have a quality book here.

In the meantime, I've still got TEoP in the works, some writing for my Conquest game and I've started a little thing I'm calling "Freaky Friday Fiction" that I post every Friday in my livejournal. Basically, they are short *splats* 1000 words or less of something freaky. It gives me an escape and a release of aggression at the end of the week. Also, it's really kind of nice to write something I have no intention of ever publishing.

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