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Geek Test...

Oh! Here is a true Geek joke...

A biologist, a physicist and a statician go bow hunting for deer. The physicist uses all of his skills to create the perfect bow - just the right angles and flexibility of metal... ropes and pulleys to create the compound bow. He takes aim and fires... but overshoots the deer by 10 meters. The deer doesn't even look up.

The biologist fashions an all natural bow from the perfect tree, following the grain of the wood and using only the most flexible parts. He takes aim and fires... but undershoots the deer by 10 meters. The deer continues to eat.

However, the statician yells excitedly, "We got it!" and the deer runs away.

Heheheh. I love that joke. I think it's a good geek test. If you laugh and understand it, you're a geek.

Thanks to deyo for telling me that joke. It makes me giggle every time I think of it...

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