Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Sexy, Sexy Solstice Dream

Bed Knife
I was over at the Nexus, talking with Jim (sylvan), Shane (elryion) and two other people. One guy, blond, was flirting with me. I knew he was gay and not interested. I called him on it. "I know you're not interested. So, stop." He pouted at me, telling me that while I was so much fun to flirt with, I was right. He had his eye on another guy. This prompted Shane and he to start gossiping over the object of lust.

The second guy, who looked like a cross between James (srakkt) and Aaron (sage_deer) - tall, slender, dark hair, blue eyes, glasses - decided to declare his intentions towards me. "Well, since you (Blond guy) have turned her down, you (Shane) are just a tease and you (Jim) are one of her best friends," he paused and looked at Jim who made a 'be my guest' gesture. "I am going to take this opportunity to ask her out."

He turned and walked to me, slipping his hand in mine. "I've seen you watching me. I've made sure you can see me. I want to take you out." He gave me a gentle peck on the lips.

"We'll see." I respond but I am very interested. His confident attitude is attracting and it doesn't hurt that he is very good looking.

He continued as if I had not spoken or had already agreed. "Within a week, you will take this knife to bed because I sense that you have short fuse when it comes to the matters of sex." He kissed me again. "We will be good together - a moth to the flame. Come to me." He kissed me a third time.

I did not trust myself to speak at first because I knew he was right. I was already extremely turned on by this declaration and his boldness. I squeezed his hand and smiled. "We'll see."

He looked me boldly in the eye. "Yes. We will."

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