Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

I don't Drunk Dial... I Drunk Type.

The Merc was a lot of fun despite the various accidents.

1. David's drink due to my ass knocking it over as I walked by. That's talent, I tell you!
2. Eric's phone due to the knocked over drink but apparently it worked after a short time and the owner (who I did not know) was looking for an excuse to buy a pink razor anyway.
3. My corset which started splitting up the front seam. I'm very disappointed in it. I've only worn it a couple of times so far. Willow says it's repairable.

Good things
1. That German wine that begins with "G" that I can't pronounce. Whoosh, a couple glasses of that and I'm very tipsy.
2. Seeing Juliet again and re-connecting. She is one cool lass.
3. Teasing David mercilessly.
4. Meeting Draughn.
5. Hanging out with Willow and Ron.
6. Flirting with everyone.
7. Chatting with Jonese and Matt
8. Being on the edge of drunk and still being able to type. (Sorta.)

I really hope the hangover in the morning isn't too bad.

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