Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,


I swear to goodness, ever since I decided to go ahead and take my Writing Year Sabbactical, my immediate family has done nothing but surprise the heck out of me. Not only are they supporting me, they are encouraging me. Even with the European trip! I figured it would be the sticking point with my father (financially at the very least) and, instead, he thinks it is a smashing idea.

"The travel plan is also recommended. For ideas, people and places; it's like living research. Nothing beats experiencing the sights and smells that may eventually end up being written about."

They agree with my scheduling, my planning and my over all thoughts. Mom is cautioning me on money. My sister is cautioning me on time management. My father is cautioning me to stay focused on the writing because that is the point of this. But, all of them are waving the pom-poms as wildly as they can otherwise.

I am seeing a side to my family I never knew existed.

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