Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Server Crash!

fullcontactmuse's server had a catastrophic failure and a bunch of websites he hosts are down. This includes The Edge of Propinquity. At this time, we have no idea if the TEoP archives are corrupt or not. If they are, I still have everything on my own computer and can republish them if necessary. So, warning, TEoP may be late this month. However, Rory believes he will recover everything by the end of the day today. In the meantime, he has a page up that tells everyone what happened:

The server is down presently. We are working on the problem and hope to have it back up soon.
6/8/2006 8:11pm

Looks like we've lost the partition 0 on disk 0 and the partition 1 on disk 1. We are inspecting the disks now, to see if partition 1 on disk 0 is recoverable as is partition 0 on disk 1. If everything goes well, We'll have a partition from each drive after recovery.
6/8/2006 9:17pm

Disk analysis is still running. I'll be checking it in the morning and evaluating from there. In the mean time, we appreciate your patience in this matter.
6/8/2006 11:19pm

Disk 0 appears to be really horked. Yes, "horked" is a technical term. You can thank my favorite boss back at Microsoft for that one. Data recovery on Disk 1 Partition 0 is coming along nicely, mind you that's only the operating system partition.
6/9/2006 7:36am

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