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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Heart Happiness which is about some decisions on my Writing Year and some stuff on writing.

May 30
Heart Happiness

When we last left Flash... er... Jenn, she had just had her head explode at an idea proposed by her Financial advisor on how to finance her Writing Year. Since then, some decisions have been made, family was informed of the plan and gave their support and the general consensus that the Writing Year was a good idea all the way around.

Decision 1 - The Condo will not be sold. At least, not yet. This is an excellent real estate market. The condo is in a prime location and, in general, keeping the condo during the Writing Year is a sound plan.

Decision 2 - Option D. When it comes to financing the Writing Year, it looks like I am going to do Option D or a combination of ideas. First, saving money like miser. Second, taking out a smaller home equity loan. Third, staying on the roll at Endeavor. So, it won't be a full uninterrupted Writing Year. It will be more like 3 months, small contract, 3 months, small contract, ad nauseum. This will benefit me in a couple of ways.

Decision 3 - Family Support. More like Hurdle 3 overcome. Not only does my family support me in this, they support me enthusiastically. My father especially. You all have no idea just how much stress this takes away from me. I was very afraid that I would have my family deriding me for my decision to follow my dream rather than take the safe, sane, monetarily successful route.

Decision 4 - Friend Support. Not really a hurdle or a decision but very nice to have. My friends really support me in this. It is scary but good. Two important quotes for me to remember while I do this: "Live your dream for all of us who never had the courage/opportunity to live ours." And "You're my role model right now, and I selfishly want you to go for it, so I have your example to follow!" These quotes mean a lot to me.

So, now, I have a promise to myself to begin my Writing Year once my current contract with MS HIG ends. This is very emotional for me. I am purposely stepping out of the rat race to follow my bliss. This is so ... anti-Something. I'm not sure what. I hesitate to say anti-American but it is the American culture to work yourself to death. I'm turning my back on that for now.

Ben: Ever see that bumper sticker, "Well-behaved women rarely make history"?
Me: Yep.
Ben: You, my friend, are not a well-behaved woman.
Me: That is one of the nicest things you've ever said to me.


On the Writing front, the Sovereign Press THING has been completed and turned in before the deadline. My editor is very happy with me. Most likely, I will have more work involved with the THING before work on the Dragonvarld RPG begins much later in the year. All of this makes me very happy.

I'm still a little stuck on beginning my Edge of Propinquity June story, but I'll drag it out of me sooner or later. I think it is mostly the cold that I've been languishing under for a week now. That's one of the bad parts of working for a large company. It's an Incubation Factory for germs.

Also, I finally received my hardback copy of The Right Words where my poem "The Answer" is published! It's a nice looking book on erotica. Seriously. I didn't expect that. It's really nice to see my stuff in print.

Lastly, there is the possibility of a very keen little project in the works with Abney Park! Robert and I are still brainstorming and hammering some things out but it sounds like it's gonna be cool!

Tarot Card for the Day: King of Pentacles, Inverted

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