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Not too bad...

Well, looks like QA halted the product going live. Within the first two hours of work, 5 bugs were reopened and 10 new ones were found. Nice to know that even with our 'go-getter' CEO, the company really is sticking to their promise that quality will not suffer in the rush to get things out the door. Now, I'm waiting to find out what new project I'm on.

Lost another 1.5 pounds. *cheer* It's always exciting to hit the mini goals within the main goals. Officially, I've lost just over 55 pounds. I really want to hit that 60 pound mark by my brother's wedding at the end of the month.

Thinking of that, I'm beginning to think that my mom isn't reading her email right now. I asked her what would happen if I showed up to the wedding with plumish colored hair and she hasn't responded, yet. *grin* Then again, she might be calming down from a near heart attack at the thought.

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