Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Head Explodie #3

I just got an email from my dad on the whole taking a year off to write. Much to my surprise, he compared and contrasted my Mom's thoughts (extreme caution) and my sister's thoughts (go for it) and sided, enthusiastically on my sister's side. Very enthusiastically...

MY ADVICE (if I might be soooo bold to suggest it, considering I'm
just a man): Do It!!! Go for It!!! What Are You Waiting For?? All
right, you buck up and go for it, but don't make it. Hera-Kari!
Only way out. Wait, I forgot, you're not Japanese. OK, put the
knife down; pull yourself up by the boot straps and go on living.
You wouldn't be the person to not to achieve what you initially set
out too. "But I Failed"! Oooh, the "F" word. Go read about George
Washington and see how many times he lost on the field of battle; OK
he Failed on the field of battle. And guess who won in the end? Do
you know how many time Thomas Edison failed in trying to make the
electric light bulb? Go look it up - great reading. In the final
(future) end, you would not be so removed from your field that there
would not be people clamoring to have you be a part of there team.
Today I heard a song by Paul Simon (Simon and Garfunkel, you probably
don't know them), called Slip, Sliding Away. Part of one verse talks
about a woman and what is a good day in her life; but her bad day is:

"Lying in bed and thinkin' what might have been".

Follow your dream - we will always be here for you.

Much love,
Dad, the Grumpy

I'm speechless with love and happiness at this. I'm really going to do this. Once this contract is done at MS HIG, I'm going to take time off to write. Really write!

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