Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Joy of Working in an Incubation Factory

Ah, yes. I had forgotten what it was like to work at the Evil *achoo!* Empire. Two weeks in and I've got something. Sunday, I noticed when I swallowed. No pain. Just... noticed it. Monday morning, the stuffiness was there and the throat was sore but I was eating like a horse on both days. Didn't know why. Now I do. My body needed the fuel to fight the cold. By Monday afternoon, I knew I had something. I called Wades Guns and postponed my gun class until the 1st. Messing around with firearms while distracted and sick = bad. It killed me to hear the steady *blam* *blam* *blam* of someone on the range while I postponed my class again. I really wanted to be there.

It's Tuesday and I'm pretty sure I have a light head cold. If I was contagious, it would have been this weekend. So, I'm at work, medicine in hand, sucking down liquids and vitamin C. If this gets any worse, I won't be going or doing anything this weekend - not my trip to Eugene nor Crimson Dawn nor the Abney Park birthday party bash *sob*.

Plus, I only wrote about 500 words yesterday and I'm not sure they are good words. I have no time to be sick. I still have 5000 more words to write by the 1st.

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