Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Meetings, Work, And More Meetings

A couple of executives from one of the Japanese partners on the project I'm test lead on up and decided to come visit as of last Friday PM. They arrived yesterday and had a demo. This afternoon the specification meetings start. I'm in every single one of them. Tomorrow, I am booked from 9-5 solid with spec meetings with these VIPs - including a 'grips and grins' working lunch. I will have no breaks at all. My brain is going to be mush.

covenantscave - I'm not going to make it for LOST tonight. I'm sorry. Could you record it for me and maybe I can come over Friday night (or this weekend) to see it?

I'm going to be spending my time making sure I review all of the specs. Then, tonight, I need to get my 1000-1500 words done on the Sovereign Press THING because I'm pretty sure tomorrow night I'm going to be a drooling mess and in no shape to write.

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