Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Lost Lives

Inspiration - The Poem, Stolen Child, by Yeats and the art meme. A fairytale story in 100 word blocks based on the words people who signed up for the art meme. This was really a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy.

100 Words for hai_kah_uhk - Gimme some propinquity
"I'm bored." She told her twin. "There's nothing to do."
"I found a special place and if you gimme something, I'll show you."
"You're my sister. You know what I like!"
The other girl thought about it for a moment. "How special a place?"
"Very special and I met a special friend there, too."
"He's neat!"
"Yes. He... whatcha gonna give me to show you?"
"I'll give you my bike for week."
She pondered that in the same way her sister had pondered. "Ok. Let's go. But it's a secret. Promise?"
Her twin nodded earnestly, "I promise."

100 Words for bunyip - Otter, Snowbank, Bicycle
Over hill and dale the two girls traveled to that special place to meet that special "He." When they arrived, it was the most amazing thing, even for the one that had already been there before. In the middle of Spring, it was snowing but only in that one glade.
"Hi! I'm Otter." The purple haired boy said. "Want to play with me?"
"Oh, yes!"
"Yes, please!"
Otter was a delightful playmate, never favoring one twin over the other. With childish abandon, they danced and played in the snow. "Would you two like to come home with me?" he asked.

100 Words for fullcontactmuse - Please do me
"My family loves my playmates and you two would be treated like the wonderful princesses you are. We haven't had visitors for such a long time." Otter blinked his large purple eyes and smiled.
Wiping the snow dew from her hair, Amber nodded. "Oh, yes, please! Is your home as wonderful as this place?"
"Even more so. It's Summer all the time unless we want the snow. There's no bedtime and you can have anything you want for dinner."
"Even cheesecake?"
"Anything." Otter repeated. "But, both of you need to come. Not just one."
Amber turned to Jeanne, "Please, Sissy?"

100 Words for musae - Please honor me
Jeanne was the more serious and careful of the two girls. "Would we be home in time for dinner?"
"Yes, sweet girl. We would be home in time for dinner."
Something in the way Otter spoke gave her pause. "You promise?"
"Yes. I promise. We will be home in time for dinner. I give you my solemn vow as a Knight of the Realm."
"A knight!" She smiled brightly. "You honor me, uh, us, with your invitation Sir Knight Otter. My sister and I would be pleased to be escorted to your home."
"The pleasure and prize is all mine."

100 Words for anthologie - Luminous, sword, celebration.
Otter led them until they came to another glade. At first, the girls were frightened by what they saw - a knight in armor! They hid behind Sir Otter (for he did promise to protect them).
"Greetings, Lady Knight!"
"Hallo Otter. What have we here?"
"We have Jeanne and Amber. They have agreed to be my guests."
"Oh my! Tell me, sweetlings, is what Otter says true?"
The twins nodded.
"Well then! Let it be so! There will be a grand celebration tonight!" The Lady Knight slashed at the air with her shining sword and a door appeared. "Welcome home."

100 Words for sylvan - Modern Urban Fairies
He knew from instinct that this missing child case was different. A hidden part of him could sense the glamour. "When did your children leave to play, ma'am?"
"Four hours ago. Please, find my babies!"
He left then, unable to tell her she would never see Amber or Jeanne again. He knew this from personal experience. He had once played with such children, luring them home to stay until they grew too adult. Then, they were returned, forever changed by the world that had stolen them. It was a hard transition. It was worse for those like him - exiled fey.

100 Words for nathan_fhtagn - "Always too late."
There might still be time. The children had to be wooed and won, then, led to the portal home. He found the courting ground with its unreal snow. So close. He ran through the woods, letting what was left of his fey nature free. The music was louder than he had heard in an age! This time for certain he would find the portal and challenge the Guardian. Then, finally, it would be death or freedom. There! A portal glade...! Empty save the scent of home. He fell to his knees and cried for his lost self. "Always too late..."

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