Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Abney Park's New Group Shot

I think I'm in love all over again. First, it was with the sound of the band. Then, it was with Robert and his personality. Now, it's the whole band. What is not to love here? Click on the image for the large image of lovliness!

As robert_from_ap put it, "As you can tell, we decided we are not so much a band, as we are a group of traveling Victoriana adventurers. Hell, thats way more fun then being a "goth band". Yech, who'd want to do that?

Yes, I'm in love again.

Plus, I want to pull nathan_fhtagn's arm down so I can see his whole face!

More pictures of the band here.

Also, Listen to their music! The Fan Girl Jenn commands you!

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